IT-Services for Your Profit


The effectiveness of the company’s IT department depends not only on clearly defined procedures for user support, but also on the right choice of personnel: operators and engineers who are responsible for the fulfillment of applications. At the same time, a complex of recruitment, hire, train, and staff exchanges requires considerable resources and administrative costs.
Here we are talking about ensuring the maintenance of personnel records, the calculation and payment of wages, the transfer of taxes, insurance premiums, compliance with the existing legislation in the field of work relations and, of course, quality control of the staff work.

ITSHOT offers specialized services in:
Technical support for users;
System management;
Administration of databases and business applications;
Support of voice systems;
Communications and active equipment;
Information security;
Software development and testing;
System architectures;
Management of IT projects;

Possible forms of cooperation:
Presence of specialists in the client’s area according to standard and individual work plans
Presence of specialists on non-working days
Replacement of client’s specialists for the duration of his absence due to illness, study etc.
Subscription service through telephone consultations, remote administration with a guaranteed arrival of specialists to the customer’s premises — incidental maintenance (at the request of the customer).

The advantages of IT-Outstaffing:
— Reduction of costs associated with the search, selection and adaptation of specialists of the required qualifications
— reducing the risks associated with recruiting and retaining staff
— Minimization of risks upon dismissal
— Optimization of the loading level of highly qualified specialists, as well as a choice of specialist qualifications required to work in the desired mode